Our organic t-shirt. Great quality, and kinder to the earth!

Need organic t-shirts for your team, for promo purposes, or for selling to discerning customers? Then we’ve got your back. 

We do our great quality screenprinting on slightly different organic t-shirts, depending on where you are in the world. 

If you’re in the USA, drop Neil an email for more info.

If you’re in UK or Europe, we print on Continental Clothing “Earth Positive” EP01 and EP02 organic t-shirts. Read on!

Continental Clothing EP01 & EP02 (Europe only):

These 100% Organic jersey cotton t-shirts are a huge hit. 
Fair Wear Foundation accredited, conforms to Global Organic Textile Standards, and is tested for harmful substances by the OEKO-TEX Standards. The organic cotton is 155gsm.

Whether you choose the mens/unisex shirts, or the ladies ones, (or a mix of both) you’ll love them!

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We do our great quality screenprinting on slightly different sweatshirts, depending on where you are in the world. 

If you’re in the USA, we print on the Gildan 18000 sweatshirts. Scroll down or click here for more information!

If you’re in UK or Europe, we print on AWDIS JH030 Sweatshirts. Read on!

AWDIS JH030 sweatshirts (UK & Europe only):

These sweatshirts are a huge hit with everyone. They’re an 80/20 cotton-polyester mix, meaning that they’re warm and soft, as well as nice-fitting!

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Tote bags

Classic conference tote

Our tote bags are great for promotional use. They’re functional, strong, and ideal for conference giveaways or daily use. The great thing about tote bags is that they can be used every single day, and don’t get hidden behind jackets and coats, as t-shirts sometimes can. So your logo and design will be loud and proud!

There’s not much else to say about these, other than the facts that they’re 100% cotton canvas, approx 38 x 42cm (15 x 16 inches) and we love them!

Fashion tote

This tote is thicker, bigger, and is widely loved by higher end brands who want their bags to be seen every single day. We’ve seen people use these for everything from shopping, to carrying their laptop and wallet every day, to moving house!

The black one looks amazing with a strong white design on it, for example!

Specs for UK fashion bags (USA specs coming soon)

100% Cotton Canvas – 407gsm (12oz/yd²)
Long carry handles can be used in the hand or over the shoulder
Dimensions: 39 x 42 x 13 cm
Capacity: 20 litres
Handle length: 58 cm

Fashion totes can only be ordered via email at the moment. If you want these, or a different type of bag, email Neil now!

But, if you want the classic conference tote, you can…..

Hoodies are here!

We do our great quality screenprinting on slightly different kangaroo pouch hoodies, depending on where you are in the world. 

If you’re in the USA, we print on the Gildan 50/50 hoodie (18500). Scroll down for more information!

If you’re in Europe, we print on AWDIS JH001 Hoodies. Read on!

AWDIS JH001 Hoodies (Europe only):

We love these hoodies. They’re really popular with startups, bands, and street teams, but are well-fitting and smart enough for more corporate use, too. They’re 280gsm, 80% cotton and 20% polyester for a warm, soft feel.

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Zipped hoodies

We do our great quality screenprinting on slightly different zipped hoodies, depending on where you are in the world. So, wherever you are, you’ll get the same great products!

If you’re in the USA, we print in America on Gildan 18600 50/50 zipped hoodies. Scroll down for more information!

If you’re in Europe, we print on AWDIS JH050 Zoodies. Read on!

AWDIS JH050 Zoodies (Europe only):

Everyone in the offfice loves these zipped hoodies. I’m looking around the office now, and can see them being worn by at least a few of the team. They’re 280gsm, 80% cotton and 20% polyester for a warm, soft feel.

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Great quality custom merchandise for teams, startups, and events!

Browse great quality custom merch and swag for your team, startup and events

If you need custom merchandise, then you’re in the right place. We have exclusively 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook for our fantastic quality swag. We’ll make sure that anyone who wears your merchandise looks and feels great!

Custom printed Budget t-shirt

Budget T-shirt

100% cotton*, great quality, ideal for giveaways and band merch. Unisex & Ladies available.

135gsm. Comes in lots of colours! Ask us on chat if you can’t see what you need.

More info // Start Designing

Standard T-shirt

100% softstyle cotton*. Great quality, and our most popular piece of custom merchandise. Soft, slightly fitted, and ideal for most uses. Unisex & Ladies available.

150gsm!  Lots of colours available. Use livechat if you want more options.

More info // Start Designing

Premium T-shirt

This is our Premium t-shirt. It’s 50% cotton, 50% polyester by American Apparel. It’s a very popular choice among startups, growing companies, and those who just want a luxury feel.

Unisex & Ladies available.

More info // Start Designing

Organic T-shirt

Need organic cotton t-shirts? Look no further than this beauty! 100% cotton, a great fit, and available in a variety of colours. Unisex & Ladies available.

More info // Start Designing

Kangaroo-pouch Hoodie

This is our pullover hoodie with a kangaroo pouch. Soft, warm, and makes you more attractive (honest!). What more could you want?

More info // Start Designing

Zipped Hoodie

This is our zipped hoodie. It’s just as great as the kangaroo pouch hoodie, but with the added benefit of a zip! 

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Sweatshirts are super popular with all sorts of organisations. Whether you’re a growing fashion brand, or a flourishing startup, everyone looks great in these!

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Tote bag

This is our tote bag. It’s versatile, smart, and just the right size for shopping or holding a bunch of giveaways at a conference. Or both!

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Something else?

Don’t see what you need? 

We can print on most things, so just drop us a line with your request for great quality custom merchandise and we’ll get straight back to you. Or use the livechat box at the bottom of the page, or the form below.

Start shopping!


Need something a bit different? Don’t see the colour you need? Need a type of custom apparel you don’t see on the site? Or just craving the human touch that our super clever pricing system can’t provide?

Just fill in details below. We can source and print on most things!

    How much does a hoodie weigh?

    One of the most common things people need to do with their screen printed hoodies is get them posted out, e.g. to their customers, or to their team. But that isn’t as straightforward as you might think. If you’re selling online, you’re going to need to know how much is your hoodie weight so you can charge or budget the right amount. And if you’re posting to another country, a small difference can really increase the shipping cost.

    Hoodie on scales
    A lage hoodie on scales

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    Free Christmas Sweater designs!

    When mobile marketing platform Appsflyer needed holiday-themed sweaters they gave us a call. We helped out with print and distribution of hundreds of these beauties to their friends, customers and partners all over the world. It got them plenty of Twitter love!

    Usually we’re the kind of people who think that the sight of Christmas decorations appearing before the middle of November should be punishable  by a solid pelting with rotten fruit. But we also know that good planning for seasonal campaigns needs some foresight, too. So we’ll design your Christmas sweater for you TOTALLY FREE of charge!

    Free Christmas Sweater designs
    These Uber Christmas sweaters from a few years ago were apparently a huge hit!

    Yup, we’re offering free Christmas sweater designs for you today, so that you can make your team look great, or delight your favourite customers with them as gifts. Or both!

    They’re a fantastic and cost effective way to get people into the Christmas spirit, and helps form an even tighter bond with your favourite customers and users. As well as making your team look great.

    Convinced yet?

    • We’ll design your Christmas sweater for you TOTALLY FREE!
    • ALL design work taken care of, just send us your logo and get a Christmas design for free!
    • Order early to guarantee delivery in time for your Christmas party!
    • Prices from £6.70, €8.33, or $8.15 per sweater (including all taxes and FREE delivery).
    • Interested?

    All you need to do is enter your email address here, and one of our team will get back to you ASAP with more information. Alternatively, just email our CEO [email protected], with  your company logo, and our design team will get started straight away.

    Number #3 in our limited edition t-shirt series

    Limited Edition T-shirt Number 3:
    Designed by Lowri at LowriHowells.com.

    It’s maybe stating the obvious, but we live and breathe t-shirts here at Ramp HQ. And we’ve written before about how we think t-shirts are a great way to say “thank you” to your customers or users. So it’s only right that we lead by example. For every order of over £250/$250 you’ll get a very special limited edition t-shirt. For free, in the size of your choice.

    The first and second limited edition designs are now totally gone, so we’re happy to launch our third design. Check it out:

    Ramp tshirts LTD edition tshirt no.3
    Ramp tshirts LTD edition tshirt no.3

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    Back in the GDPR

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably been bombarded by a torrent of GDPR opt in emails recently. If you don’t know what GDPR is, then in a nutshell, it’s the European Union laws around user data and consent. It pretty much means that you control a load more of your data around the web. Here’s what we’ve been doing to meet the standards, right after a picture of a t-shirt to make this blog more interesting:

    Sandwiches of New York - Shirt Printed by Ramp
    Liberty and all that. Sandwiches of New York – Shirt Printed by Ramp


    1. Rewritten our Privacy Policy to make it clearer when we’re allowing any third parties access to your data, and letting you opt out of those services where possible.4.

    2. Made a policy for dealing with user data requests – you can ask us to delete your information, or ask for a copy of it. We’re not Facebook, so there’s no automatic download / delete button, but we will do this for you in a reasonable timeframe.

    3. Removed some third party services that track your information, that we no longer use.

    4. Changed all our email sign in buttons to be opt in rather than opt out.

    5. We’ll only send you emails when you’ve explicitly consented to receiving them – so that means for example, if you’ve signed up to a newsletter. We’ve seen a load of emails asking you to resign up for various newsletters, but we don’t need to do this if you’ve already consented to be on our list in the past.

    6. We also send you an email if you’ve done something that means you’d reasonably expect to receive an email related to that thing – eg when you sign up; when you request a quote or artwork; when your payment goes through; when your order ships.

    This is what we’ve done so far – but GDPR  is an ongoing project, so we’ll continue to improve the site for you and your data.