How Sujan Patel’s innovative growth hack of giving away t-shirts resulted in $1m of sales!

Single Grain T-shirts courtesy of innovative growth hack
Single Grain T-shirts courtesy of

An extremely innovative growth hack

I recently spoke to someone who truly understands the power of custom merchandise for business development, and how it delights customers and, crucially, brings you new ones for just a few dollars each. It’s a relatively cheap, innovative growth hack that had huge results!

I stumbled across Sujan Patel’s great blogpost about how he generated $980,000 worth of new business for his company “Single Grain” using t-shirts. It was an amazing read, and I immediately emailed him to jump on a call to chat. And he was just as passionate about the cotton as us! Continue reading “How Sujan Patel’s innovative growth hack of giving away t-shirts resulted in $1m of sales!”

How do I fold a t-shirt?

How do I fold a t-shirt?

There’s actually plenty of ways to fold a t-shirt, but this method is our favourite because you end up with a neat and tidy fold that shows off the design on the front of the shirt, and it fits perfectly into an envelope for posting. Using this method the label is also easily checked, even when the t-shirt is fully folded, so you can keep track of sizes easily.

Step 1

Lay your t-shirt face down on a flat surface. It doesn’t have to be orange. Just flat.

how do i fold a t-shirt

Step 2

Fold the arms and the sides in by about a third each. You’re aiming to make an oblong shape. Tuck one sleeve under the other. Continue reading “How do I fold a t-shirt?”

Ramp For Good – Manchester Marathon Match t-shirts

Ramp For Good #1

You may remember that we recently launched Ramp For Good, our project to support organisations doing great work in their communities. By providing free or heavily subsidised t-shirts we hope to help improve their ability to be visible, raise funds, or promote themselves.

Early last week we were in the final stages of organising our next shipment of t-shirts to an organisation making the world a better place. Suddenly we got a message out of the blue from a small group of people in Manchester. They were organising a 24hr marathon of back to back matches. Their cause was to raise funds for the victims of the awful murders of people at the Ariana Grande concert in their city. They needed Manchester Marathon Match t-shirts for the volunteers who would be helping them run the event.

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Changing the perception of old age

Last month we printed some great tour t-shirts for ChangingAging. We were really interested in what they were doing. Their charismatic spokesperson is Dr Bill Thomas. He started with the idea that “what we need is a radical reinterpretation of longevity that makes elders (and their needs) central to our collective pursuit of happiness and well-being“.

In other words, society’s attitude to old-age is messed up and we could do much better.

Check out his TEDx talk here:

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